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original artwork.

Acrylic Mixed Media Collage
Made with original imagery and handmade papers.


Elaine Schimek, a native New Yorker who spent her career as a graphic designer, brings these influences to her current fine art practice. She weaves bold layouts and color choices with captivating narratives of imagined city and landscape themes.

Acrylic paints suit Elaine's impatience. To add layers of depth and texture unachievable with the brush alone, she creates her collage papers through mono-printing on rice paper.  Sometimes spending more time on color than layout, she wields a curated palette to capture a specific time and place, evoking emotions that create a sense of nostalgia or imagine the possibilities of the future.

Solo Exhibitions:

"elaine schimek"

Ongoing originals and prints for sale.

October 2023- present. Copy Pilot, Portland, OR.

Group Exhibitions:

"Werx Eklektik"

May 2024 - Brassworks Gallery, Portland, OR.

"Town & Country"

May 2024 - present. LK Gallery, Portland, OR.

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