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Great Ape - 2024

Great Ape - 2024

Sales Tax Included

18"x24" on birch 3/4" cradled panel with hanging hardware.

*** No frame but email me if you'd like me to mount it in a floating frame for what it costs me - $75


One of the “Endangered Species,” series.
Great apes: gorillas, chimps & orangutans face a double threat: habitat loss & poaching. Forests are disappearing and apes are hunted for bushmeat or the illegal pet trade. These intelligent beings deserve a future.


Each piece is crafted for lasting beauty, triple satin varnished for protection against UV rays and humidity. Created on 3/4" cradled birch. With included hanging hardware, this stunning piece is ready to be showcased as the centerpiece of any space, and its unique approach to the art process is sure to be a conversation starter.

Framed is available upon request for $75.

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